HOME - Hire A Sign is a boutique LED rental company committed to providing top quality personalised service. We approach every ad campaign individually and do our best to maximise your bang for the buck.


Maximise the impact of your LED signs advertising

LED Signs Sydney

LED VMS advertising campaigns can be attractive as well as effective

Your advertising money will reach as far as your rented LED signs message can be noticed and properly read. To maximise the impact of your programmable advertising message board we always use the whole large screen display and by using customised fonts we make every word on the LED signs clearly readable from a great distance.

Because we use full screen and customised fonts every word on Hire A Sign digital screens is clearly readable. As a result our LED signs clearly communicate the advertising messages to your audience the car drivers for instant understanding and minimum driving distraction.

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Not all hired LED advertising trailers are created equal. Even thou machines are similar, what is different is our expertise in LED signs advertising and deliver outstanding results. Unlike other Led hire companies, we are able to adjust the shape, size and kerning of the fonts, utilising the whole LED screen.
The fonts you will get from our competitors are small, thin and generic (unless they are so large you struggle to fit two words on the whole screen) reason is plain lack of effort and knowledge of the product.
Don’t be ripped off! Our screens can be read from much further distance which means the greater number of potential customers for you!
Call us for a free consultation, with no obligations. From there, we will take care of everything.


Think of your brand

Programmable LED signs

Ongoing Toyota advertising campaign

Let us customise your advertising campaign: fonts, colours and animations to represent your brand.
If your business branding is important to you we will draw and animate your logo on the digital billboard message for you.

Our human eyes are attracted to change. Therefore we program our LED signs with colourful flashy animations, design fonts and custom made graphics so they continuously bring customers to your business.
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Yes, we will draw your LED sign – pixel by pixel, precisely while programming the LED signs advertising screen in order to adjust your business logo and graphics to VMS LED media. Most of all we will do that at no extra charge to you.
e.g. Therefore, if your goal is to advertise an event and would like to feature your sponsors, would you write just their businesses names in generic font or use their logos?

Hire A Sign is a boutique LED rental company. Most of all, our commitment is providing top quality personalised service to you. We approach every ad campaign individually and do our best to maximise your bang for the buck.

Call us for a free consultation, with no obligations. From there, we will take care of everything.

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Spend money wisely when programmable Variable Message Signs Hire Sydney


Signs trailer

Brand promotion directly to the public

What you will get FREE of charge at Hire A Sign are custom designed LED signs!

That includes advertising message, complete with logos and animations!

We charge only for renting of LED digital trailer signs. Even then, we are one of the most affordable LED rental companies in Sydney, and we will beat most competitors quotes.
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We understand that money you’ve decided to spend on advertising can seem like a big sacrifice for many small businesses, so we keep our prices low.
Keep in mind that apart from online marketing, LED sign advertising trailers is by far the most cost-effective form of physical marketing. Cost of printed banners might initially seem less. But in a week or two banners will be unnoticeable to regular passers-by.
* Amber colour, ex-traffic control signs are barely readable and indistinguishable from, well – traffic control signs.


Take advantage of digital billboard trailer LED signs with Hire A Sign

Our signs will flash colours, fonts or your logo as much as you want them to! We recommend it – it attracts your customers. You’ll stand out from an endless blur of roadside shops, it’s time to let your business be noticed.
If you rely on passers-by and car traffic you owe to yourself to advertise it on outdoor LED signs.
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Check some of our past jobs on LED signs Sydney Vimeo.