Full Colour LED Trailer

If you prefer full-colour graphic LED trailers with stereo movie capabilities, Hire A Sign’s graphic video advertising trailers would look sleek in any setting.

We deliver anywhere in metropolitan Sydney these super bright, high contrasted graphic LED video trailers. Our P10 LED screens with outstanding visibility, with thousands of colours and high definition sound, can easily entertain festival crowds. Delivery to your location is available, providing it is within 50 km from our central Sydney location in Parramatta.

If you are concerned about the cost, our price for hiring full colour LED trailer is by far, most affordable in Sydney. Additionally, you would be surprised how much you can save with our long term hire special deal.

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Hints for the successful roadside advertising with Hire A Sign’s graphic trailers

Hire A Sign'd full colour LED trailer on Indian Festival in Western Sydney
Full colour LED trailer sign at an event in Sydney

Weather is if you plan to advertise to the roadside traffic or present to festival crowds good idea is to keep your design simple. The minimum length of a static frame shouldn’t be less than 3 seconds. Our advise is to keep the fonts large and use dark to light contrasts to increase readability of your material.

The aspect ratio of the screen is 8 x 15, which is quite standard. To say descriptively it is a bit more elongated than A4. When you are creating advertising content like videos, images or PP presentations for Hire A Sign video trailer try to use this aspect ratio. The size of the screen is 2880mm x 1536mm, so if create your artwork with the width 290 mm by height 154mm, it will come out perfectly.

It is always a good idea to keep text and important parts of the image away from the edge. If your video’s aspect ratio is not the same as the screen, it will appear cut from the bottom and equally from sides.

Resolution of your advertising material could be anything higher that 72dpi. Onboard computer will automatically adjust any size to the size of the screen, however, be mindful of the very small images.

If you need help, we have graphic service. After 8 years experience in digital roadside advertising we have quite a good idea how to communicate message to the road traffic drivers.

Sydney Easter Show full colour LED trailer video advertising
Full colour LED trailer at the Sydney Easter Show

Uploading your videos to the full colour Hire A Sign video screen trailer

The easiest way to upload is to save content on the root level of USB and plug it in. It will automatically appear on the screen when you switch it on, then it will loop the video indefinitely. There is a number of other ways to upload videos, but because USB is so fuss-free, we mostly use this method.

If you prefer to live stream you can easily connect your laptop with the trailer. For the long term hires we can organise direct remote access to the trailer.

Technical specifications for Hire A Sign’s full colur LED trailer

Trailer Chassis
External dimension: 4185mm x 1590mm x 2380mm
Max Speed: 60km/h
Gross mass: 850KG
Folding and Rotating System
Lift Type: Hydraulic putt system
Lifting Height: 1000mm
Rotating Type: Hydraulic rotary system
Rotation Angle: 360 degree
LED Display System
Screen size: 2880mm x 1536mm
Module size: 192mm(W) x 96mm(H)
Dot Pitch: 10mm (P10)
Brightness: ≥6000cd/ m.
Max power consumption: 1200W/ m.
Life span: 100,000hour
Average power consumption: 800W/ m.
LED screen life: 10,0000 h.
Power supply
Input voltage; AC220V Output Voltage: AC220V
Electrical Current: 2 x 10A Power consumption: Average:0.5wh/m.
Multi-media control system
Control System: Asynchronous control card Speakers 110W
Intel Full HD Media PC based Multimedia system; Supplied with compatible software and hardware
Outer Frame
Frame Material: 1.5mm Cold-rolled metal plate
Surface Color: Pure white car baking varnish