LED screen for hire Sydney

Hire A Sign is a small family operate business that specialise in one product only. We are experts in LED screens for hire Sydney.

LED screen for hire Sydney is solar and trailer mounted a perfect products for your roadside advertising needs. We specialise in business advertising but our Variable Message Signs or Variable Message Boards are also suited for traffic control and event management.

Our 8 colour or 5 colour VMS LED signs for hire will really get your advertising message across. We can custom design logo’s, text and messages. With our expert positioning they will stand out and be seen from hundreds of metres away on busy Sydney roads. If your business has street frontage Hire A sign’s LED screen for hire is an ideal way to advertise your business. Another use of VMS sign boards is to establish traffic management at your event, function or business site.

Discover flexible 24/7 roadside advertising solution in LED screen trailers

LED screens for hire by Hire A Sign ad campaign showing: Promote your brand with your own logo on LED advertising trailers. For the best R.O.I. advertising call 0488113344. It is composite image of digital billboard signs
LED screens for hire Sydney experts. Call 0488113344

Variable Message Signs, otherwise known as VMS boards, are an ideal way to advertise your business or sale on Sydney roads. They are traditionally used for traffic management, road works and even events. LED screen trailers are also known as Variable Message Signs – VMS or Electronic Advertising Boards, Billboard Trailer Signs and Mobile Trailer Signs.

Our solar-powered trailers that can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, they can also be timed to suit your business hours and display different messages in different times of the day. Maybe your fast food franchise runs afternoon special for hungry Sydney motorists. For you we will display that add only after 4pm. Perhaps your gym has early morning class that can interest gym junkies only between 5am and 8 am. Then there is a creche in the late morning and 8 weeks challenge in the afternoon. During the whole day we will run your logo, brand colors, and $0 joining fee.

Sydney metro delivery and positioning of LED screen for hire

LED screen for hire Sydney outdoor sign trailer is displaying the Toyota logo, it is placed next to new Hilux as a part of ongoing Toyota advertising campaign
LED screen for hire Sydney is displaying the Toyota logo, it is placed next to new Hilux as a part of ongoing Toyota advertising campaign

It’s handy to know that our Sydney LED signs for hire comply with all Australian Standards. Also, we take utmost care where we positioning the LED screen trailers on your property. That is because the sign trailers need comply with council’s and NSW road traffic authorities.

The delivery of your advertising trailer with LED screen will take only few days from your initial contact. During that time we will make sure that the sign looks right and the way you want it. All our fee’s are included in our quote so you will not pay extra for GST, delivery, insurance or message design.

We have very competitive prices so call us for a quote today on 0488 11 33 44.

LED screen for hire Sydney benefits:

  • Long term or short term hire rates available.
  • Solar powered VMS signs can run 24 hours a day.
  • We deliver, advise and set up the right position for your LED screen trailer.
  • The message is clear, easy to read, looks good and attracts attention.
  • Use graphics and logo capabilities of LED screens for hire.
  • LED screen trailers are easy to use, sturdy, outdoor advertising solution.
  • VMS signs are weather-proof.
  • Display Size: 2630mm wide x 1650mm high.
  • The screen can be hydraulically raised to 3950mm.
  • Trailer Size: 3950 length X 2050 width X 2700 high including the drawbar.
  • Highest visibility vibrant LED cells with auto brightness control.
  • WE are Sydney metro LED screen for hire experts.
LED screen for hire Sydney displaying Fright night logo with ghosts on LED VMS roadside advertising signs at night
Fright night event advertising with logo on advertising signs LED screen for hire Sydney