LED Trailer Sale

Buy an affordable full colour LED trailer or VMS sign trailer in great condition

If you are looking to buy LED sign trailer you came to the right place. Occasionally we have trailers for sale.

Call for availability tel:0424393396

Most of LED VMS trailers and full-colour LED trailers you can buy from us are preused but in meticulously maintained condition. That means that here you can get roadside advertising trailer for a bargain.

If you are still concern about the costs, we can negotiate rent to buy option that suits all.

Training is included in the price

If you decide to buy LED sign trailer from Hire A Sign there are more benefits. Whether you need VMS signs or graphic screen trailer we will show you exactly how to maximize their capabilities. We will show you all the tips and tricks to how to easily get the best out of this technology.

Types of LED sign trailers

Full colour LED graphic video trailer

Image shows Hire A Sign full color LED video trailer at the EB Games Arena. Digital screen displays colorful magenta and purple cartoon gost.
Hire A Sign video LED trailer at EB Games Arena live steam gaming

If you like full-colour LED graphic trailers with stereo movie capabilities, Hire A Sign’s video advertising trailers look sleek in any setting. Our P10 LED screens have outstanding visibility. With thousands of colours and high definition sound, it can easily attract drivers attention or entertain festival crowds.

If you would like more information about full colour LED trailers scroll down on https://ledsignsydney.com.au/advertising-video-trailers/TypesT

8 colour VMS trailer with remote access

These Australian made LED sign trailers are rare beasts on Sydney streets. They feature a number of great qualities. For once, you can change the message from your phone as well as check the battery levels and other cool tech stuff.

If the design of your LED screen is your concern, here you would find hundreds of preloaded fonts which can all flash and blink separately from other elements.

Unlike all other VMS LED sings which usually have four or five colours: amber, white, red, green and occasionally blue these are different. Here you’ll also find CMYK colours – cyan, magenta, yellow and black which can be controlled as a separate colour.

LED VMS roadside advertising signs

Easy to use 5 coulour VMS trailers

When you think of classic Sydney VMS LED sign it would be this one. They are incredibly sturdy units and easy to control.

This trailers might be common but no one cracked this technology as well as we did and we will pass that knowledge to you if you purchase this trailer. There are easy to use tools that no other VMS hire company bother to check.

Colourful rainbow florist roadside display on a Hire A sign advertising trailer
Colourful rainbow florist roadside display on a Hire A sign advertising trailer

Most of the images in our gallery are of this trailers https://ledsignsydney.com.au/led-trailer-advertising-hire-gallery/