Variable Message Signs Sydney

To engage potential customers that drive past your shop on Sydney roads Variable Message Signs Sydney are first logical solution.

Call us or SMS on 0488 113344 for your Variable Message Signs  Sydney options.

  1. What you need is just one parking spot in front of your business to host trailer mounted Variable Message Signs Sydney.
  2. LED display signs use solar power which is great for the environment, also it means that they need exposure to sunlight.
  3. Off course, the LED trailer signs need exposure to road traffic to attract your customers.
Variable Message Signs Hire Sydney
Hire A Sign is Sydney specialists in perfectly executed company logos even on LED display signs with extra low resolution. Signs are ultra bright and solar powered.

Hire A Sign’s LED display signs will make your business look good. For NO extra charge you can get your logo and hi-vis designed fonts in your ad. Our LED display signs are often readable from 500 which means the greater number of potential customers for you! We use our expertise in LED signs advertising to delivering outstanding results for you.

Our designers custom write the fonts and design graphic and tediously time the animation on our LED display signs. LED display screens size is 2600 mm x 1600 mm, our expertise enabled us to use more than 95% screen. Most LED display signs coverage that you would get from other VMS hire companies is 40% to 60%, which is like renting half size screen.

Pixelated VMS LED display signs screen shows Hire A Sign's phone number 0488 11 33 44
Show your phone number to your customers om LED display signs in a spectacular way at no extra cost

We are Sydney specialist in custom designing LED display signs

Our LED sign boards use solar energy which makes them better for the environment without sacrificing quality. Hire A Sign’s sign trailers are as vibrant and clear at day as well as night thanks to automated brightens control system.

Upon your request, we can update LED display sign in real time using the remote control ability. Many of our clients need to display different message in the morning than at night, which we program to their requirements.

Hire A sign’s LED display screens and trailers are reliable and constructed from high quality durable materials. Our VMS board trailers meet Australian standards AS4852.2-2009, utilizing maximum legal screen size and brightens.