VMS Boards For Hire Sydney

These multipurpose, portable 5 Colour VMS boards for hire Sydney are suitable for a broad range of applications.

Because Hire A Sign’s sturdy VMS boards for run by solar power and host a powerful inbuilt battery they can be anywhere and run 24/7. Therefore this convenient green, energy saving solution is perfect freestanding outdoor messaging solution for Sydney roads.

Above all, we are aiming to meet our customer’s portable messaging requirements in various environments. Therefore, Hire A Sign’s VMS boards for hire offer an over all messaging solutions for busy Sydney roads. Because the base of our VMS boards are weather resistant trailers they are outdoor advertising powerhouse come hail, rain or shine.


VMS boards for hire Sydney promoting Toyota's all new Hilux
Toyota’s all new Hilux advertised on LED roadside advertising VMS boards for hire Sydnay

Roads and traffic management

The original purpose for VMS boards for hire is within road and traffic management sector. Therefore clients who simply need to control traffic can hire a LED sign trailer to display variety of messaging to motorists.

Communicating traffic-related information:

  • Address motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Road safety messages.
  • Roadworks alerts.
  • Direct event traffic.
  • Parking directions.
VMS boards for hire are bright and colourful roadside display on a Hire A Sign LED advertising trailer
Grab attention of passing motorists with VMS boards for hire Sydney

Sales and Marketing

Firsly, you can target Sydney’s passing motorists utilising Hire A sign’s outdoor VMS boards for hire. You can tap into thousands of potential new customers with our vibrant, dynamic LED signs.

Communicate marketing messages:

  • Sales / Clearances / Closing down occasions.
  • Branding promotional marketing campaigns.
  • General business message display.
  • Events and festivals.
  • Corporate functions.


To clarify, you can maximize your exposure to Sydney motorists with big and bright VMS boards for hire LED advertising screens trailers. Because LED signs attract a lot of roadside attention thy are ideal for outdoor events, festivals and trade shows.

Advertise 24/7

Considering that LED hire screens are rated for outdoor usage they can withstand a substantial impact from the elements. Get your roadside traffic message out 24/7, come rain, hail or shine with VMS board for hire.

Call us for a free quote 0488 113344.

VMS boards for hire Sydney is displaying red and amber the date of motorcycle show
Adjustable fonts on VMS boards for hire Sydney displaying the date of motorcycle show

With our short and long term lease options we have a plan to suit your advertising needs. Whether it’s for a week or for several months Hire A Sign have solution. Call us on 0488 113344.